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  EP3282715A1.pdf Loudspeaker / 3D printed loudspeaker transmission line C. Ellis, A. May
WO2010097568A1.pdf Improvements to loudspeakers / Compact high excursion drive unit C. Ellis
WO0245460A2.pdf Loudspeakers / Audio full range loudspeaker (AFR / BR) C. Ellis, N. Hill
WO9852381A2.pdf Panel-Form Loudspeakers / Panel full range loudspeaker H. Azima, C. Ellis, N. Harris
WO9911490A1.pdf Trim Panel Comprising An Integral Acoustic System / Vehicle headliner drive loudspeaker H. Azima, M. Colloms, C. Ellis
WO9842536A1.pdf Passenger Vehicles Incorporating Loudspeakers Comprising Panel-Form Acoustic Radiating Elements / Vehicle trim drive loudspeaker H. Azima, M. Colloms, C. Ellis
WO0187003A2.pdf Panel Loudspeaker / Flapping panel C. Ellis
WO0048425A2.pdf Vehicle Loudspeaker / Mirror, sunvisor speaker H. Azima, C.Bream, C. Ellis, N. Owen
WO0001264A1.pdf Headwear / DM helmet H. Azima, C. Ellis
WO2007083127A2.pdf Bending Wave Acoustic Device And Method Of Making Thereof / Balanced drive radiator (BMR) G.Bank, D.Beriman, C.Ellis, N. Harris, A.Marchant, M.Colloms
WO2007083127A2.pdf Acoustic Device With A Panel Having A Mass Fixed Thereto To Control Whole-Body Resonance / Panel whole body mode reduction C. Ellis
US2001048751A1.pdf Elongate Panel Loudspeaker / Television loudspeaker C. Ellis
GB2357931A.pdf Audio-Visual Apparatus With Distributed Mode Flat Panel Loudspeakers / Television loudspeaker H. Azima, C. Ellis, A.Marchant