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CE Electro-Acoustics offers a wide range of loudspeaker design and measurement support. Key areas include:


Drive unit design and modelling


Loudspeakers and drive units are designed using state of the art finite element (FEA) software. COMSOL Multiphysics is used for the accurate prediction of electro magnetics, thermal dynamics, structural mechanics and acoustics; combined into a single model these are used to predict all significant aspects of a loudspeaker and drive unit's performance.

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Loudspeaker system design and modelling

akabak_example_225x169Loudspeaker designs for bespoke / custom installations or production. From micro speakers to hi-end, full-range or multiway loudspeaker and monitor designs, passive or active.

CAD design tools are used for electro-mechanical / acoustic modelling, resulting in design accuracy, providing a 'fast-track' for research and development.

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Measurement, analysis and voicing

anechoic_chamber_a_225x151Measurement, combined with subjective evaluation for hi-fi and automotive system voicing. Listening experience has been built on accumulated hours spent with prototypes, systems and companies. Able to give or maintain a 'sound signature' for a brand. Finding the right sound for a customer is paramount, not only important for defining a brand's sound, but also maintaining smooth integration of new designs into existing product ranges. This art of listening has also been strengthened by training from Dave Clark (DLC Design), enabling a systematic approach to subjective evaluation.

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