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Loudspeaker system design and modelling


CE Electro-Acoustics provides unique loudspeaker design solutions for custom installation or production. From headphones to hi-end, full-range or multiway loudspeaker and monitor designs, passive or active.

Shown on the left is a lumped element simulation example of an actively driven 3-way loudspeaker system.





abec2_225x225COMSOL Multiphysics (FEA) and ABEC (BEA) are used for accurate electro-acoustic and structural mechanical modelling. These tools also provide a means for 'fast-tracking' the development of a design and play a key role in the investigation of design upgrades and modifications.









Advanced active designs can also be realised using onboard DSP, providing a greater level of design flexibility, resulting in 'complete control' and improved sound quality and protection of the loudspeaker.

Benefits of digital active designs can include:

  • Custom bass transfer function (minimising enclosure volume and form factor).
  • Limiters.
  • Pre-set equalisation - for various room boundary conditions.
  • Time alignment / phase correction - to optimise driver integration.
  • Thermal monitoring and protection - for amplifiers and drive units.