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Measurement, analysis and voicing


Measurement, combined with subjective evaluation, is crucial for hi-fi and automotive system voicing. Listening experience has been built on accumulated hours spent with prototypes, systems and companies. Able to give or maintain a 'sound signature' for a brand. Finding the right sound for a customer is paramount, not only important for defining a brand's sound, but also maintaining smooth integration of new designs into existing product ranges. This art of listening has also been strengthened by training from Dave Clark (DLC Design), enabling a systematic approach to subjective evaluation.



anechoic_chamber_b_600x401In-house full anechoic acoustic measurement room, essential for detailed measurement, loudspeaker assessment and benchmarking.







Frequency response and distortion example, taken at CE Electro-Acoustics with the SoundCheck analyser, a powerful tool for exploring performance anomalies in transducers. Please click here for more measurement examples.






ku100_dummy_head_225x282Other services offered by CE Electro-Acoustics include headphone evaluation and design. The KU100 is a binaural stereo microphone that resembles the human head with microphone capsules built into the ears. The dummy head is also used in many applications as a measuring device for acoustic research.